Squidoo Linking


For those that haven’t heard of Squidoo before here it is …

Squidoo is a great way to get links to your site and also gain commissions direct from the lens that you set up!

You simply create a lens that you update on a regular basis (once – twice a week) that contains both links to your review site and payments links. You will then receive a percentage of the sale from the product owner which will be your sales commission for referring that sale.

Once you’ve got your lens up all you have to do is maintain it by making updates (for example …new content, pictures, payment links)

This is a simple step by step on how this process works:

1)      Research a one or a few keywords for the search engines to list your article

2)      Research your chosen market and create a lens on squidoo that will interest readers and gather some quality content

3)      Refer people to your review site

4)      Get paid for each reader that buys from your links from your squidoo lens or that buys from your review site

That’s as simple as it gets and it’s totally FREE

So lets get started…

Keyword Research

It’s all about the keywords here. I would suggest going for the long-tail keyword phrases. Look for phrases with over 3 words.

Make a list of between 3 – 5 long tail keywords, as you’ll use these in your lens later.


Time to sign up to squidoo and create your lens. Remember your squidoo domain URL needs contain your chosen keyword phrase (this will increase your chances of getting ranked highly in the search engines).

Squidoo Sign up

Squidoo – Creating your lens

Now all you need to do is drive traffic to your squidoo lens via article submission, forum links, links on social book marking sites, etc


  • Give the appearance you are an expert but don’t say you are. Your quality content will speak for it’s self.
  • Be yourself and add a friendly atmosphere. Write as you talk not like you’ve swallowed a dictionary …keep it simple.
  • Create trust with the reader and the selling will do it’s self. You are not creating a sales page …they will see the sales page when they click on your link/s
  • Bold your key words so that customers know they are in the right place. To do this simply add the html code <b>yourkeywordhere</b>
  • Only create one topic per squidoo account. If you’re portraying yourself as a quit smoking “expert” your credibility will be damaged if you then have a lens under a different niche. Also your competitors will see your different niche markets …they will copy!
  • Link your squidoo pages that are in the same market ...the search engines love that :-)


Always up-date your lens at least once a week! By up-date I do not mean forever adding content. Simply adding pictures, tags, payment links, etc …each one is classed as an up-date.