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From: Matt Benwell 


Dear Friend


I have a shocking true story to share with you on this page.


It's about me and how I came to earning the figures above. It all started less than 10 months ago when I was over $41,500 in debt, only days away from filing bankruptcy and losing everything I had which wasn't all that much as I'd sold most my stuff to keep the credit companies off my back as long as I could.


Worse still was that I was stuck in a crappy dead end job I hated.


I was desperate and looking for a way out... Searching the web for ways to make money online and start my own internet business.


Every day you hear about how people are having great success online... Thousands of dollars per day, multi-million dollar start ups and even a few billion dollar buy outs.


Just Like You I Wanted A Piece Of The Action.


I even maxed out my credit cards that I'd been paying off for months on ebooks, software and a thousand dollar course on making money online...


All of which were useless... I spent hour after hour every day when I came in from work trying to get my business off the ground following these hyped up scams which left me worse off than I had started.


These so called 'Guru's' just wanted to sell me more stuff... Every day bombarding me with their latest get-rich-quick scheme sales pitch.


I Was Frustrated...


You probably know the feeling if you've been looking to make an income online for more than a couple of weeks... There's tons of these so called guru's who are just after your money and will take you for every last penny you have.


These kind of 'Guru's' will be scared reading this site as I'm about to blow the whole game right open and reveal the truth about making money online... the easy way.


They try and make it sound really complicated and next to impossible to succeed... You need to know how to build websites using code, understanding search engine science and even programming stuff.


It's All Totally Untrue!


You see... I couldn't design a website to save my life... And you don't have to.


I wasn't going to let not knowing some technical stuff stop me from living the dream so I paid some professional web designers almost all the money I had left to take care of all the hard work and coding.


And the great news is you can get your hands on this Hard Work for just a fraction of the cost... but more on that later.


First, let me tell you about something important... The few days when my life changed.


I'd been testing out a few different ideas I'd had for a few weeks when late one Friday night I logged into my online account to see $72.06 as my balance.


Something Had Actually Worked!


I was stunned... all the hard work of trying every possible avenue on the web may have paid off.


So I traced my steps back to see what had made me some money.


The concept that had made me $72.06 and been the only one to show any success was...


"Copy What's Working Already"


I had spied on some sites that seemed successful already and copied all the techniques and tactics that they looked to be following.


Now it seems really easy but it did take a lot of work figuring out what techniques each successful site was following.


I started putting all my time into what had showed me some success and it quickly began to take off...


$11,472.12 In 14 Days




$47,925.29 In 45 Days




$37,059.61 In 36 Days




I'd even developed my own system to making fast profits online without all the work...


No Web Design: No coding or programming skills needed as all the websites are already created and tested by professionals.


Little Capital: Been broke I didn't want each site costing me a lot of money so the system was based around having just $100 budget per website to get profits flowing.


No Waiting: I wanted quick profits within days or maybe a couple of weeks maximum. I use only techniques that have proven to work fast.


Passive Income: I didn't want to work every day to be able to pay my bills. I had to be able to set it up and forget about it while the sites still made money and even grew each month.


Now this is the basis of the system I created and still use today.




Super Speed Wealth


The Super Speed Wealth membership gives you everything you need to set up an automated online business... And all in just 23 minutes.


That's right... Using this brand new system you can be up and running in less time than it takes to watch the Simpsons. 


We're also the only site in the industry that is 100% Newbie Friendly because of our amazing "Watch & Copy" training techniques that means you'll never be lost or confused... Only moving forward.


However... Don't think this is all 'heard it all before' basic stuff you can find on other websites or in other training programs. Some of the methods planned for teaching in the first 3 months are only known by a select elite group of internet millionaires.


Every training module has been tested and used by ourselves and broke down into fool proof step-by-step walk through videos. This is the exact training you need if you're not making at least $10,000 every month online.


Here's what you'll receive by joining Super Speed Wealth today:


Websites - Every month you'll be handed 3 ready made, tested websites that have been proven to convert. Each one of these websites also comes in 3 variations of layout and graphics so all your websites won't look the same... Getting 9 websites designed could easily cost you $500.


• 3 Profitable Markets Each Month


• Tested Websites You Can Just Plug-in And Profit From


• Easy To Customize



Set Up Training - I personally walk you through the whole set up of a site including the new resource I use for super cheap web hosting and how to be up and running within 23 minutes.


I leave no section out as I take you step-by-step through every second of the set-up process using real time video... Just watch and repeat!


• The Exact Line You Need To Change On Your Site To Start Making Money Today


• How To Get Super Cheap Business Web Hosting For Your Sites... Under $1 Per Month


• The Secret Techniques To Building A Huge List Of Responsive Buyers


The 3 Click Set Up To Automating Your Email Profits



Keyword Training - Want to pick the most profitable keywords... I'll show you how I've been flying under the radar by selecting the right keywords which the heard of competition wouldn't dare go after... This training alone is worth of the cost of the membership.


• How All The 'Guru's' Have Keyword Research Completely Wrong


• The Secret Technique To Identify Profitable Keywords


• How To Stay Underground And Disguise Your Huge Success From Others Looking To Copy



Traffic Generation Training - Every month I'll personally be teaching you the latest and most profitable ways to get traffic... These are the exact methods I use and are proven and tested to work. And to make sure you get off to the best possible start I've already uploaded 2 complete traffic modules for this first month... Enjoy!


• The Low Balling Adwords Game That's Made Me Six Figures


• How To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Free Visitors Without Waiting Months


• The REAL Secrets To #1 Rankings In The Search Engines


• How To Use Incentive Traffic Effectively


• The Only Sure Fire Way To Avoid The Dreaded 'Google Slap'


The Technique You Can Use To Generate Your First Sales Within 48 Hours



Now that's what's included in the Super Speed Wealth membership but I'll also be throwing some extra's in including software down the line as I'm constantly working with programmers to create automated software that cuts my work and increases my profits.

Look what others have said about Super Speed Wealth...


"Hey Matt - this is an awesome site, not only are you showing real ways to make money but also providing the tools and resources needed. I have already sold well over $100K worth of my course using your techniques in a matter of weeks


- so my advice to anyone wanting to make real profits online is to grab their spot now!"

Dave Gale.



"If only something like Super Speed Wealth was available when I first started in Internet Marketing it would of saved me tons of time and money. Thanks Matt for such a good learning resource I will never have to buy another Internet marketing product again...


I wish I could have all these secrets to my self. You have just blown the lid off of the secret world of Internet Marketing." "Thanks a lot Matt"


Craig Beckta



'Hey Matt, your membership site is a very refreshing change - it cuts through the noise and the clutter out there by bringing only what works to the table. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the review sites you've got up and the
information you've got on getting traffic to them.

For any affiliates who are interested in a no-frills, direct and easy-to-apply training center, my advice is this: Grab a membership spot and devour the materials inside ASAP before the price increase!"

Dylan Loh





" Hey Matt,


Great Product! Everything really is step-by-step and great for newbies. You've really out done yourself AGAIN.


I am sort of a newbie myself and using your techniques I managed to make $2015.95 in just over 2 weeks!


I Love the video tutorials, really helpful for newbies that don't understand some of the internet marketing terms.


The ready made websites saved me days! If it wasn't for Super speed wealth I would have to write out my own reviews and set up my own email campaign.


This is a real time saver.


Looking forward to more great products from you..."


Jameel Mukadam
- Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa







I love that your ready-made review sites have been tested to convert. Obviously, since they have been tested and shown to convert, it sure makes them way more valuable than just any un-tested sites you could have offered.


What an advantage as these ready-made review sites can be turned into cash-producing web pages... the kind that people look for everyday while giving your members a chance to sit back and make commissions!


I'm always interested in sites that

streamline the commission-making process like SSW focuses on. And ready-made review sites is a perfect idea to get people up and running with their marketing.


You have a great blueprint in-place backed by step-by-step videos that simplify the whole process...


Bottom line...


The commissions that can be made using your ready-made review sites is a great motivator to keep your members happy.


Michael Nicholas

The Newsletter The Gurus Read!




And just to be absolutely certain these systems would work for a complete beginner I decided to take 3 total newbies that hadn't earned even a single dollar online and give them 7 days to test drive a few of the systems.

Here's the results...


"$1,597.94 In 7 Days"

Hi Matt
Just wanted to let you know how I got on with your Super Speed Wealth system.

I only used just one of your businesses over the last 7 days.

I couldn't believe the results!

Just from this one site I made a staggering $1597.94 by day 7, which was amazing.

I am a total new guy to this and couldn't believe how easy it was to make money online.

Top site guys

Dan Sommers - Austin, TX



"$424.81 In 7 Days"

Hey Matt

You've got a wicked product here. I never knew that you could make so much cash online. I always thought you needed to be some kind of computer whiz or something ...clearly you don't if I can do it!!!

In 7 days I made $424.81. Let me tell you, that's more than I make in a week in my current job.

Looking forward to getting access to the full site.

Keep up the good work

Jake Lockwood - Madison, Wisconsin, USA



"$150 On Day 1"

Hi there. I've been wanting to start this whole cash online thing for a few months.

I really didn't know where to start ...until you guys gave me the opportunity to test your systems out.

The step by step video training is just what I've been looking for. Within a few hours I'd already made $150 on day one!

I cannot recommend this site enough if you want to start making cash from the internet.

Looking forward to more great videos.

Julie Short - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada



What's It Worth For You To Have An Ultimate Out-Of-The-Box Profit Machine Right In Front Of You And An Easy To Follow 'Watch And Copy' Video Training Showing You How To Gain Super Speed Wealth


Think about it... With the right information I was able to turn a measly hundred bucks into hundreds of thousands of dollars profit... Wouldn't you like to do the same?


I've done all the hard work for you by spending months testing all the latest methods and underground secrets and braking it all down into a complete fool proof video training system where you can just outright copy the best money making techniques on the web.


Add up all the money you've spent in the past on bogus "get rich quick" programs that never work.


Now you have a genuine chance to follow a proven system which guarantees success.


Would you pay that if it meant you could replicate it all over again and again.


Most people would have no problem paying a full years earnings if it meant that after 12 months they can go out and copy the system to earn six figures year after year.


When you think of the true worth of a genuine opportunity like this that can help you quit your job and make even more money in a month that you would all year. Take extravagant vacations, drive fast cars and buy the latest gadgets or do what ever you want in your spare time.


What's it worth to have a better life?


Now don't worry... I'm not going to take a years earnings or even a days earnings.


I've decided to price this training system at a truly rock bottom price...


You Can Outright Copy My Every Move For Just $47 Per Month!


Don't worry it's not a miss print... It's going to cost just $1.56 per day to become a Super Speed Wealth member where you'll get an instant business and revolutionary training to earn job crushing profits.




Like I said earlier in this letter... I want to help the little guy like you out... I've been in your shoes.


Most people would charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this information but think about it...


Would that really help out someone who has wasted thousands in the past and is in debt?


No it wouldn't


Sure I'd make a ton more money if I placed an expensive price tag on this but I'm already having great success and I want to give something back by helping you.


Also I want to give you so much value and totally over deliver on this product that if I ever release anything in the future you'll trust me just like anyone who has already done business with me does.


It's like a long term investment I have in you. I don't make as much money now but if I show you how to be successful online you'll be more than happy to purchase new techniques and courses from me.


There's more...


Now I know you're still maybe thinking that you can't risk $47 to give this ago... I understand 100%. There's so much garbage on the web at the moment I even have problems trusting people.


This is why I've decided to take all the risk away from you and guarantee your success with my...



Now you have absolutely nothing to lose as your investment is 100% guaranteed by my guarantee.


Now I'm sure you'll agree that deals like this don't come around very often if ever, but I want to fill the limited spaces I have available within the next 24 hours which is why I'm offering you this amazing deal.


It won't stick around for long because as soon as all the places are filled I'll be closing the doors and not allowing any more people to join Super Speed Wealth.



You Clearly Only have 2 Choices...


1) Let me take all the risk and join Super Speed Wealth today where you'll be able to watch and copy the very best money making systems online.




2) Leave this page now to only regret it forever. The offer won't last long and you'll miss out forever.


If you are even slightly serious about making money online and earning thousands of dollars every month then you shouldn't really need to think too hard about your choice.


Now if you 'Want in' on these secret wealth strategies then just join Super Speed Wealth below and you'll get instant access within a few minutes of ordering.





YES, Matt! I'm Ready To Join Super Speed WealthAnd Learn The Secret Underground Techniques You're Using To Make Fast Profits


I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can join the Super Speed Wealth membership program for just $47 which equates to just $1.56 per day.


And I also understand that my order is 100% risk free with your 8 weeks, 100% money back guarantee


Just click the link below to join up through ClickBank's secure order system


Join Super Speed Wealth Now!


As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to access the members area.



See You On the Inside



Matt Benwell
Creator Of The Super Speed Wealth System


P.S. You're getting everything you need to get started and actually have success online... You can finally forget about all the other crap you've been fed online and follow a proven system to online riches.


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P.P.S. Remember, your investment is 100% guaranteed and fully refundable if you're not fully satisfied for any reason. All you have to decide today is, 'Are you willing to give this a try and see what it's all about?'


If you decide it's not for you then that's fair and you can have a full refund... no questions asked.


Just make sure you decide before all the places fill up.


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