Yahoo & MSN PPC

For those that haven’t heard of PPC before here it is …

PPC works by charging you for every time someone clicks on your ad by the amount you specified upon setup. This amount will vary depending on where you want your ad to be placed. If you are advertising in a highly competitive market the cost for someone to click on your highly placed ad would be more expensive than a low competitive market.

The problem with this is that to bid on the highly competitive keywords (the search term that someone enters in the search engines) would be far to expensive for anyone just starting out. Especially if you get your PPC campaign wrong and the product you promote doesn’t sell a thing! Yahoo and MSN will still be knocking on your door for the money you owe them for all the people that have clicked on your ad.

Therefore we need to be very careful when we use this method of advertising. Now as we are targeting keywords we need to make sure our ad will perform for those keywords. With a little ad copy know how and selecting our keywords carefully for each add we can gain high rankings that will then drive more visitors to our site

...and also pay less than our competitors. All in all, a pretty good deal if you ask me ;-)

So now you know the basic theory.

The first few videos below on keyword research and ad writing are the same as the ones in the google systems previously. These techniques still apply to Yahoo & MSN.

Keyword research

Ad writing tips

Yahoo Sponsored Search

MSN Live Search



Remember to review your ads on a regular basis. Any ads that are not performing and are just costing you money with no sales must be deleted.

Use any tracking software that the search provider has to track conversations to you review site.