Forum Linking

For those that haven’t heard of Forum Linking before here it is …

Posting on forums is a great way to build backlinks to you site and is one of the easier methods of Seach Engine Optimization (SEO).

The way it works is that for every post you make on the forum, you gain one backlink. This is recorded by the search engines through your signature link at the bottom of each post.

You can post on webmaster forums and also learn other great SEO techniques at the same time. But for more high quality links it is better to target forums that are relevant to your topic

i.e. Quit Smoking, Health, etc

So now you know the basic theory, so lets get started in this step by step forum linking system.

Download FireFox browser & Search Status plug-in

Finding forums

Great webmaster forums

Digital Point
Site Point

Posting on a forum

If the forums do not have a link button the you will need to enter the code below manually.

[url=""]KEYWORD PHRASE[/url]

Please note: In some forums the speech marks are not required. Please use the preview option in the forum to make sure you link is active.